A Day Of Zen: An Intensive Retreat

9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Saturday April 17, 2021
Online - Presented by Long Beach Meditation

Please join us for a day-long immersion in silent Zen practice. Our retreat will alternate periods of sitting and walking meditation. The schedule includes a dharma talk and the option for one-on-one private practice interviews with the teacher.


A Day of Zen or “Zazenkai” is a classic one day Zen retreat affording us the opportunity to immerse in a silent container focused on present awareness. Through the cultivation of samadhi (meditative absorption) we can go deeper in our practice, to the benefit of all. Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike, please join us for this day-long retreat as we further develop our capacity to flow with the unavoidable change and challenge of our human life.

“To carry the self forward and illuminate myriad things is delusion. That myriad things come forth and illuminate the self is awakening.”
– Zen Master Dogen


There will be instructions for sitting and walking meditation as well as space for questions and discussion.

Registration and Payment

Additional details can be found on Long Beach Meditation’s event page including registration and payment options.