Exploring The Identity of Relative and Absolute

9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Saturday November 27, 2021
Online - Presented by Long Beach Meditation

Written by the 8th century Zen Ancestor Sekito Kisen, the Identity of Relative and Absolute is a chant performed every morning at Zen Centers around the world. Our day-long retreat will focus on this classic poem, including ample time for meditation and periods of restful silence. Dharma talks and discussions will be centered on key aspects of the Identity of Relative and Absolute.


“When you walk the way, it is not near, it is not far.” With undoubted influence from Daoist philosophy, the Zen Classic The Identity of Relative and Absolute beautifully examines the interplay of dualistic and non-dualistic principles in our understanding of reality. Sekito Kisen’s poem is a key text maintained and cherished since its composition during the golden age of Zen in Tang Dynasty China. This ancient text is relevant to us today, and through detailed study we can realize and express its wisdom in the midst of our everyday life.


9:00am – Welcome and Introductions
9:10am – Opening Meditation
9:30am – Dharma Talk: The Identity of Relative and Absolute; Sameness and Difference
10:10am – Just Sitting Meditation
10:30am – Tea Break (maintain silence)
10:50am – Dharma Talk: Tributary Streams Flow Through the Darkness
11:30pm – Meditation
12:00pm – Lunch Break (maintain silence)
1:00pm – Meditation
1:20pm – Dharma Talk: Two Arrows Meeting in Mid-Air
2:00pm – Meditation
2:20pm – Discussion and Sharing
3:00pm – Closing

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