An Evening of Zen – Online

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm, Tuesday June 6, 2023
Online - Presented by Long Beach Meditation

Join us for an evening of Zen meditation. We will alternate periods of zazen (seated meditation) and kinhin (walking meditation). Jokai Roshi will offer a dharma talk, followed by an opportunity for one-on-one private interview. Our meeting will be conducted in essential silence with guidance offered at the beginning. This meeting is suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators. Attendance is particularly encouraged for those wishing to deepen their realization of Zen.


6:00PM – Welcome and Introductions
6:05PM – Zazen, Seated Meditation
6:35PM – 5 Minute Break
6:40PM – Dharma Talk
7:20PM – One-on-One Interviews (NOTE: During one-on-one interviews, zazen continues from 7:20PM – 8:30PM with 2 x 30 minute sitting periods interspersed with a walking meditation)
8:30PM – Closing

Registration and Payment

The class is being offered for $25. For LBM Sustaining Members, we are offering the course at a discounted rate of $20.

Please see Long Beach Meditation’s event page to register.