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Living Zen is a project of Tenryu Jokai Blackwell offering regular dharma talks via podcast, writings and news of upcoming events.

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  • Guidelines for Studying the Way

    Adapted from a dharma talk given at Yokoji during the May 7-day sesshin. Good morning. Thank you for making the effort to come to sesshin. It is good to see familiar faces and new faces. Each person has made efforts to be here and even a couple of days, the weekend, a single day, or […]

  • Attention and Effort in Zazen

    As zen practitioners, our cornerstone activity is sitting zazen. If we are not practicing zazen, we should not consider ourselves students of the zen school. The importance of regular daily sitting practice cannot be overstated. The mechanics of how to sit are sometimes, however, overlooked. It is important to revisit the basics occasionally in order […]

  • Valentine’s Haiku

    Awake this morning Love speaks in your perfect form As footprints in snow This Valentine’s Day A Grapefruit tastes twice as sweet With good company Underneath the smile My sad heart’s confession is I miss you today Living and dying As this unwritten nature Nothing can stain you