Day-long: Where Are You Going?

9:00 am - 2:30 pm, Saturday January 29, 2022
Online - Presented by Long Beach Meditation

This day-long retreat will focus on an excerpt from the historical record of Zen Master Tozan, founder of the Caodong school in China. Our day will include ample time for meditation and periods of restful silence, together with Dharma talks and group discussion.


Zen Master Tozan is recognized as being the main founder of the Caodong (Soto Zen) school in ninth-century China. In this class we will explore the text of a classic interchange between Tozan and his teacher Ungan, which helped to precipitate his enlightenment, said to have occurred upon seeing his reflection in water. Tozan’s enlightenment verse, composed shortly afterwards, contains the essence of integrated awakening, and can serve as a skillful guide as we deepen our practice and realization.


9:00am – Welcome and Introductions
9:10am – Opening Meditation
9:35am – Walking Meditation
9:40am – Just Sitting Meditation
10:00am – Dharma Talk: Avoid Seeking Elsewhere
10:45am – Tea Break (maintain silence)
11:00am – Just Sitting Meditation
11:25am – Walking Meditation
11:30pm – Dharma Talk: Just this is it?
12:15pm – Lunch Break (maintain silence)
1:15pm – Meditation
1:40pm – Walking Meditation
1:45pm – Meditation
2:10pm – Discussion and Sharing
2:30pm – Closing

Registration and Payment

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